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In the educational system of the Costa Blanca there are basically two options: public education (free) or private education. In Spain it is compulsory to attend school from 6 to 16 years of age.

There are also several international schools, all of them private. Families that move to this sunny region have a wide range of colleges to choose from.

In Jávea we can find several schools and institutes for the education of children and young people. Such as C.P. Arenal, C.P. Graüll, C.E.I.P. Port de Xàbia, C.E.I.P Vicente Tena, C.E. I. P. Trenc d'Alba, Xàbia International College, Mª Inmaculada School, I.E.S. Antoni Llidó and I.E.S. Number 1.

schools and universities javea


Most municipalities in the Costa Blanca have schools and colleges that accept children from kindergarten through high school (3-16 years). The system is classified as follows:

Children: 3 - 6 years

Primary: 6-12 years (obligatory)

High School (ESO): 12 - 16 years (obligatory)

Once completed compulsory secondary education students can choose to do their " Bachelor ", roughly equivalent to a level "A" of the English system. The "Bachelor " has a duration of 2 years. When students finish may make the entrance exams to university (PAU) necessary to get into college. In the area there are several universities with a wide range of different qualifications and specialties, including:


There are several private schools in the Spanish Costa Blanca. There are also many private international schools. In them, students gain full competition two or more languages.

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